Asset Planning

Trusts, Estates and Asset Planning

Based in the heart of the CBD, we partner with our clients to ensure the assets they have worked hard for are protected now and into the future.

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We advise on:

  • Family trust formation and administration.
  • Estate planning
  • Asset protection
  • Relationship property
  • Preparation of wills and enduring powers of attorney
  • Administering charitable trusts and incorporated societies
  • Estate administration


Put your mind at rest. We can advise on the structuring and formation of trusts, together with the necessary work required to transfer assets. If you’re not sure of the full benefits of a trust for you, talk with one of our experts for an appraisal.

If you already have a family trust, we can help ensure yours is set up to work as intended and complying with the new Trusts Act 2019.

Find out about the benefits of trusts.

Succession planning

Having an appropriate plan in place for your assets can make all the difference. Regardless of whether your assets are owned personally, in a trust, a company, or in a shared arrangement, a successful estate plan requires a thorough assessment of your needs, goals and family relationships. Our lawyers can provide sound, practical advice on how to structure your assets for optimal return and security.


Having your wishes accurately recorded in a will is one of the most important things you can do and can make a difficult time a little easier for your family. Often, however, the emotional stress of organising a will prevents many people from actually doing it. Our extensive experience with wills, trusts and estates will help to make the whole process more manageable.  Find out why it is so important to get your will right.

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Estate administration

We provide a comprehensive estate administration service, assisting executors and families when a loved one has passed. We assist with obtaining probate, collecting administering and distributing estate assets, obtaining letters of administration when there is no will and can prepare deeds of family arrangement when families want to split the assets other than set out in the will.

Relationship property

A relationship property agreement (or contracting out agreement) is a valuable tool. Contracting Out Agreements are for couples who do not want their property to be divided as per the Property (Relationships) Act 1976. These private agreements determine the status and division of property upon separation or death.

Property sharing agreements are also useful. They set out how the property is owned, how the outgoings and expenses will be met, the process for sale, and the resolution of any disputes that may arise.

Should a relationship end, we can prepare a separation agreement clarifying arrangements so both parties can move on.

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Enduring Powers of Attorney

Nobody wants to think about the day when they are no longer able to make their own decisions. But if it were to happen, wouldn’t you prefer those decisions to be made by the person you think would act in your best interests? Setting up power of attorney (EPA) enables a person of your choice to step in and protect your assets, and make choices relating to your personal care without the costly delay of obtaining a court order.

There are several types of powers of attorney. Contact us to discuss which would be best for you.

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