When it comes to pricing we believe in providing you with options

We do not always charge on an hourly basis.  Instead, you have options.


For businesses

  • If you want price certainty up front, we can give you a quote before we start work.
  • Maybe you would prefer to pay a small sum each month which covers all sorts of eventualities.


For property owners

  • If you want price certainty up front, we can give you a quote before we start work.
  • If you need flexibility we can use hourly charge-out rates or provide a range.
  • We price our work to fit the specifics of what you want. We won’t deliver a Rolls-Royce if you want a Mini.


Buying or selling a house

  • We use standard fees for buying or selling a house.
  • The fees depend on various factors, like whether you need a mortgage, whether a trust is buying/selling the property etc.



  • We use standard fees for trust creation and gifting programmes.
  • We can give you a quote for other trust matters.


Whatever you need, we can help you.  Ring us to talk about an arrangement that might work for you or your business +64 9 375 2770.


Our pricing policy also takes into account factors to appropriately determine the value of the legal work.  The NZLS Rules of Professional Conduct requires practitioners to take into account eight criteria when determining a fee, only one of which is the time.  We balance these factors to ensure that true value and satisfaction are delivered to our clients.

  • the skill, specialised knowledge, and responsibility required
  • the importance of the matter to the client and the results achieved
  • the urgency and the circumstances in which the business is transacted
  • the value or amount of any property or money involved
  • the complexity of the matter and the difficulty or novelty of the questions involved
  • the number and importance of the documents prepared or perused
  • the time and labour expended
  • the reasonable costs of running the lawyers practice


We do understand however that some clients prefer an hourly rate approach.  We are happy to use this approach if it works best for the client.