What’s it really like to work here?

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We’re currently advertising for a new legal secretary because we’re super-busy! So it seems timely to peer behind the glass at what it’s really like inside our company.

A boutique firm

Although we’re recognized as a leading firm in NZ’s real estate industry, AlexanderDorrington (AD) is small and in the past we’ve purposely kept it that way. Mainly because we don’t want to risk losing those close relationships we enjoy with clients. After all, they are the not-so-secret key to our success.

Our small size has also allowed us to embrace a collaborative style of working, this is unusual in the traditionally competitive culture of our industry. At AD we appreciate that employees are stakeholders in both their own and the company’s future so we place a high importance on ensuring AD is a place we all enjoy coming to each day.

What do employees want?

In her NZLS article ‘Do you love your job?’ Kate Geenty includes the results of a recent Gallup Australia/NZ employment survey. A feeling of being valued by the organization is rated as a very important by 97% of employees. ‘Recognition’ and ‘an understanding of how success is measured’ follow closely behind.

The article mentions how being ‘disengaged’ is costly on a personal level for employees. It saps wellbeing, vitality, satisfaction and fulfilment’. At AD we feel strongly that everyone should enjoy their jobs. This is not only important for the company, but the directors genuinely care about their employees. This attitude is reflected in every facet of the company, including the way we all treat each other on a daily basis.

Indulge your passions

Sadly just 24% of employees surveyed by Gallup do actually love their job. I wonder if those disengaged people would feel the same if they worked in an industry and company they felt passionate about? The shared obsession AD employees have about property has been described as ‘scary’. It is certainly the cement that binds us, excuse the construction reference!

Another shared love is technology, purely because of the way it enables us to manage the business and supports our flexible working environment. Our commitment to staff extends beyond providing a great place to work. We acknowledge that there are other priorities. Families come first, so we offer some flexibility around work hours to accommodate them.

We actively seek solution-focused personalities. We love innovators, relationship builders, and personable individuals. There are of course many other qualities we look for in team members but I won’t give them all away!

The evidence

A good measure of staff satisfaction is always retention. In an industry that attracts ambitious professionals, we have a good retention rate. Our team currently includes 17 people, many of whom have been here 10 years or more (myself included). Three of our current team members have worked with us in the past, travelled overseas for work and have come back to us.

Read some testimonials from people who have worked with us in the past.

What next?

If you are looking for a legal role in a supportive, collaborative working environment which rewards excellence; I invite you to keep in touch by following our LinkedIn page or signing up for our newsletter. We will advertise any vacancies on the Careers page of our website with links from these channels.

By Rachael Stevenson

By <a href="" target="_self">Rachael Stevenson</a>

By Rachael Stevenson