Webinar – management rights, management issues and developers

by | Nov 7, 2012 | General property Law, Subdivisions, Unit Titles

The webinar will be of interest to those involved with management rights – primarily developers, current managers or possible purchasers of management rights.  We will talk about:

  • the Unit Titles Act 2010 s139 and s140
  • duties of care on developers
  • recent Court cases (including the decision at The Sentinel and Atrium Management)
  • whether there remains such as thing as exclusive letting or other rights
  • risks to managers and developers
  • what new management rights can you create 
  • what pressure is being brought to bear on current holders of management rights
  • experiences in Queensland, Australia
  • the upcoming review of the Unit Titles Act 2010

E-mail to register for this and regular updates from our newsletter "The Property Developer" .  There is no charge for our webinars or newsletters. 

If you have a particular question you want added in, just e-mail that too and we will see what we can do.  Obviously we can’t provide legal advice without the full facts or information so questions should be general in nature.

This is the first of our "Property Developer’s Webinar Series" that we announced at the Property Council, Residential Property Development Conference on 24 October 2012.  if you registered at the conference we have your details already.  The other webinars ("Update on Securities Act exemptions and compliance issues", "Boundary adjustments, Redevelopments and Turnover Disclosure under the Unit Titles Act 2010", "Keeping your Pre-sales") will commence from early 2013.  We also have in mind some for those doing smaller scale subdivisions – "Subdivision Tips and Traps" and "Ensuring a well-managed development".  If you wish to pre-register for those please e-mail Rochelle as well. 

It’s really easy to attend a webinar.  All you need is a computer, an internet connection and a phone.  You can participate from your own desk and even comment or ask the presenter questions during it.

By <a href="" target="_self">Denise Marsden</a>

By Denise Marsden