Waterway restoration: Million metres streams project

by | Oct 24, 2019 | Blog, Cause related

Did you know?


According to the Million Metres Streams Project,


  • Virtually nothing can survive in 44% of New Zealand’s polluted monitored lakes?
  • We can’t safely swim in 62% of New Zealand’s lowland rivers because too many pathogens are present?
  • 74% of New Zealand’s freshwater fish species are now classified as ‘threatened’?

Are you are a landowner with property bordering a waterway? Is that waterway polluted and in need of restoration?


There is help at hand. is an online fundraising platform. Its goal is to raise funds to plant 1,000,000 metres of waterways with native plants and trees. To date, it has completed 54,000m. In 50 different projects across New Zealand.


Million Metres is supported by the Sustainable Business Network. It helps property owners, community groups and businesses by actively fundraising for planting projects. If your home or business is adjacent to a freshwater waterway, you have an opportunity to support its rejuvenation. Find out more about how it works.


By Debra Dorrington