Property Council Manifesto: Fast Forward to Growth

by | Mar 21, 2012 | Building, General property Law

The Property Council New Zealand recently released its manifesto Fast Forward to Growth.  It is easy to read, focused on commercial property and aimed at encouraging growth, productivity and investment.

Key points it advocates include:

• A national policy on development contributions.
• Development contributions assessed to reflect the benefits achieved by the development.
• Giving developers the right to appeal a proposed contribution to the Environment Court.
• A review of local government aimed at recommending amalgamations.
• Long term views (not short term decision-making) on infrastructure commitment.
• A national, integrated infrastructure plan.
• A revamp of the Public Works Act 1981 aimed at speeding up what is currently a tedious process.
• Changes to the RMA to recognise the built environment.
• Reintroduction of depreciation on non-residential property.
• Deductibility of strengthening costs.

The document will form the backbone of Property Council lobbying decisions.  You can access the full document here

Debra Dorrington