Time to tackle the important jobs!

by | Apr 1, 2020 | Blog, Business Law, Relationship Property, Trusts

Busy people always have non-urgent jobs on their list. Jobs that are important, but not pressing. Usually, they get relegated to the bottom of the list.


You’ll have them and some of them will be finalising legal things –

  • shareholder agreements
  • arrangements between related business entities, like leases, loan agreements, securities
  • signing and collating company resolutions
  • updating template documents

And on a personal level –

  • how up to date is your will?
  • have you made power of attorney arrangements?
  • are your trust documents in order?
  • how is your gifting?

Now we are in lockdown it is the perfect time to complete all of these jobs.


We are open, all our staff are working remotely. Most of us have done it for a while and we’re used to how it works. Below is a screenshot from our staff meeting earlier today.


AD staff meeting –lockdown style


Send us an email request and we’ll be in touch. How good would it feel to tick off those important jobs on your to-do list? Let’s get it done!