Property Developer? We can reduce your costs and speed up your projects with fast, effective legals.

Your legal experts in all forms of property development

Property development can be incredibly exciting, with the potential for some big financial rewards – with the right legal advice throughout.

But we appreciate too that as a developer, the process can be incredibly frustrating for you.

The documents, legal processes and compliances can sometimes appear to be never-ending.  And it can seem like every day there are new changes to the Resource Management Act and the Unit Titles Act.

The problem is compounded by the fact that every day your project is delayed costs you in interest or lost revenue.

Property development is highly complex – but that doesn’t mean you should be burdened with all of the processes and paperwork.  As your property lawyer, we’ll take care of all of the details quickly and effectively, freeing you up to focus on bringing your “Big Idea” to fruition.

  • Unit Titles
  • Special Housing Areas
  • Freehold and Leasehold Properties
  • Residential and Commercial

The knowledge and contacts to fast-track your development

At AlexanderDorrington, we know all of the ins and outs of laws relating to property development – and how to turn that to your advantage.

And because we have worked extensively with bankers, private lenders, local government, planners and surveyors, we know what each party needs.  So we can cut through the red tape and provide each party with the clear, concise information that will move your project forward as quickly as possible – all while staying on the right side of everyone involved.

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Understanding your long term goals – and making them happen

At AlexanderDorrington, we know about property.  But we also take the time to know all about what it is you want to achieve.  Not just in the short term, but moving forward.  By having this more expansive view, we can provide you with the relevant advice, capitalise on ongoing opportunities, and make sure that each project is well thought out at the beginning so you can reach the end that much faster.

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