The expertise to help landlords, tenants and corporates

Whether you’re a landlord, tenant or part of a corporation managing an extensive property portfolio, if it’s got anything to do with commercial property law, we can help.

Our online property management tool gives you instant access to the information you need.

We use NomosOne, an online property management tool that makes life easier for both landlords and tenants.  As a client using NomosOne, you’ll have:

  • Access to the cloud-based software so you can view all your tenancies, manage key dates and collaborate with us in preparing lease documents;
  • Lower legal fees.  Many of the legal documents can be populated quickly and easily.  You can even decide which areas you want to complete yourself and then get us to review the document;
  • Increased efficiencies by taking all of your leasing work on-line.  The Property Council precedent leases can currently be prepared using NomosOne.  You can also upload your own bespoke lease.

Buying and Selling

Acquiring a new property or disposing of an existing one?  Need help with due diligence investigations?  Perhaps you want to restructure your portfolio.  Our team has the expertise to handle it all for you, with timely, relevant advice that smooths the whole process for you.


Negotiating a lease and need legal advice?  Are you in a dispute with your landlord and want to know where you stand?  Or do you need legal advice on some documentation? Talk to us – we can help.


We appreciate that when the pressure is on, you want a legal team that will deliver quickly.

Our commercial property team will help you deliver the results you want quickly and effectively.  We do this through:

  • Fast, accurate documentation (which means fewer time-consuming questions);
  • Quick responses to your enquiries;
  • Up-to-date property law advice;
  • Keeping up-to-date with practical issues that influence legal decisions;
  • Lease negotiations that leverage that data.
Denise Marsden and Jourdan Griffin - AD Directors

Put us to the test.  Call us to discuss how our commercial property team can help you get better results than your competitors.  You can view the profiles of our team to see what we’ve been working on recently.

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