Covid 19 and Property Settlements

2 April 2020 As we enter week 2 of lockdown, issues are starting to emerge around property settlements.  On a NZLS webinar this morning it was noted there are thought to be 5800 settlements impacted. A number of settlements are delayed until we return to Covid-19 Level 2, or 3.  A number of settlements have…

habitual buying and selling tax

Tax policy consultation – Habitual buying and selling of land

New Zealanders wishing to enter the property market or to save for their home have often occupied a property while doing it up, then sold it at a profit. Exclusions have meant that the profit made hasn’t been taxed. Now the opportunity to use this process is tightening up.

financial support

Providing financial support to your parents

Clients are loaning their parents cash. These loans are being secured in one of two ways. A mortgage over the parents’ family home, with repayment expected upon the death of both parents. Or children are being sold a portion of the family home in consideration.

Residential Tenancies Amendement

Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill No. 2

The Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill (No 2) is currently before Parliament. Christine Cechova looks at the amendments and considers the potential effects on tenants and landlords. The rental landscape as we know it is shifting.

Residential Tenancy Reforrms

Residential Tenancy Reforms – are you confused?

A raft of reforms to the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 have been put into place in the past two years. Landlords can be forgiven for being confused as to what exactly is fact and what is fiction. What has come into force and what is still being debated? This is the first in a series of blogs discussing these reforms. Christine Cechova makes things clearer, starting with two changes that are already in force:

consent - sensitive land

Overseas Investment in Sensitive NZ Land

The Overseas Investment Act 2005 provides that a transaction needs consent when there is an overseas investment in sensitive land. What is sensitive land? What type of property transaction is caught?