Commercial property for new players

Residential investors often perceive buying commercial property as the ‘next step up’. Commercial property can be lucrative but it’s far more complex than you may realise.   There are a number of important considerations to bear in mind before taking the plunge! First-time commercial property investors need to be aware of the risks and make…


Value for money legal services

Discerning buyers know you get what you pay for. But lawyers are not great at communicating the value provided by their services. We prefer the end results to speak for themselves.   There is a flaw in this somewhat arrogant approach, however. Particularly when it comes to legal services around planning for our personal assets.…

financial support

Providing financial support to your parents

Clients are loaning their parents cash. These loans are being secured in one of two ways. A mortgage over the parents’ family home, with repayment expected upon the death of both parents. Or children are being sold a portion of the family home in consideration.