Value for money legal services

Discerning buyers know you get what you pay for. But lawyers are not great at communicating the value provided by their services. We prefer the end results to speak for themselves.   There is a flaw in this somewhat arrogant approach, however. Particularly when it comes to legal services around planning for our personal assets.…


Diversity on the agenda

Today, Friday 8th March, we celebrate International Women’s Day. This year the theme is #balanceforbetter. If gender is a consideration in your selection process when looking for a property law firm; consider AlexanderDorrington. Find out why…

Land Transfer Act 2017

A new tool for developers

An act that has underpinned our land transfer system for 60 years was put to bed and the Land Transfer Act 2017 became effective. That change may not impact on you daily, but some things will impact on how you complete your developments in the future.

Overseas Investment Act Amendment

The Overseas Investment Amendment Act 2018

From 22 October 2018 (or potentially earlier if we have orders in Council to that effect) the sale of residential land in New Zealand to an overseas person will potentially require consent from the Overseas Investment Office. Denise Marsden looks at the law change from the residential developer’s viewpoint.

Invest with friends

Should you invest with friends?

Are you considering investing in property with friends? In today’s escalating property market it is becoming more common. Good legal advice can help you manage the risk.


Easing the way for drones

Commercial uses for drones   Dr Catherine Ball is a world leader in the non-military application of drone technology. She highlighted some really important issues for property owners at The Property Council New Zealand National Conference held in Melbourne, 13-15 September.   Firstly it’s important to note that there are all sorts of drone use…


Future-proofing the legal design of subdivisions

There is a lot of discussion around the physical design of subdivisions and how that impacts the community that is created and the ultimate owners’ use and enjoyment of the land. The legal design is just as important.   Recent agreements I have reviewed for some new developments cause me concern as to what we…


First steps towards resolving Auckland’s housing crisis

Auckland’s housing crisis is arguably one of the most pressing issues of our time. In response, a group of 130 public and private sector industry stakeholders met at a not-for-profit gathering, on 1 August 2017 – the first Auckland Housing Summit.  The Summit was organized by a group of five key players: Leonie Freeman –…


New Health and Safety Regime

Next month the Government will begin to introduce a new Health and Safety (H&S) regime in its bid to achieve a 25% reduction in workplace fatalities and serious injuries by 2020.  As a result, most businesses will need to immediately up skill, perform due diligence and then implement the necessary change in order to be…